Video: 3,000 Horsepower ProCharged Big Block Chevy

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You did, in fact, read the title right- this engine produces nearly 3,000 horsepower. Built by Seteve Morris Engines in Michigan for a Top Sportsman customer, the 540 cubic inch Big Block Chevy is nothing less than a marvel. Fitted with a ProCherged F-3R-136 supercharger, the engine runs on methanol instead of gasoline. 16 Moran Motorpsorts fuel injectors are used, split between 325 lb/hr and half 500 lb/hr sizes, and a Waterman fuel pump provides the methanol, controlled by a Holey Dominator ECU. The engine revs to 8,100 rpm, producing 2,955.4 horsepower and 1,900 ft. lb.s of torque.

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